Liberating Education from the University

I have always thought it was unfortunate that Ethnic Studies courses, including courses in Asian American Studies, are mainly taught at a handful of colleges and universities around the country. Ethnic Studies courses provide vital information and analysis and can be both personally and collectively liberating for those who have the privilege of taking them. I have worked for many years to fight for the expansion of Ethnic Studies at the college and university levels as well as in K-12 education but there are formidable forces that make that prospect challenging. I established the School for Liberating Education  to liberate the liberating education that Ethnic Studies offers from the confines of the “ivory tower” for anyone interested in learning about the histories and experiences of communities of color in the United States. Though I am piloting courses in Asian Americans and soon, Filipino/a (Filipinx) Americans in the first year of our operations, more courses reflecting the histories and experiences of other BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) will be offered as well.