Course curriculum

This is the DRAFT outline for the mini-course. Though we are still finalizing the content, we are currently accepting pre-registration and will begin making the content available in May for Asian American History Month!

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    Asian American History

    • What's in this module? (Required)

    • Presentation: "Nuanced Understandings of Immigration History" by Dr. Rodriguez

    • Website: A Different Asian American Timeline (Required)

    • Website: History of Angel Island Immigration Station (Optional)

    • Asian American History - Suggested Readings List

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    The Asian American Movement

    • What's in this module?

    • "Politics and Social Movements: An Overview," Presentation by Dr. Rodriguez

    • "The Rise of the Asian American Movement," Presentation by Dr. Rodriguez

    • Excerpt from "Serve the People: Making Asian America in the Long Sixties" by Karen Ishizuka

    • Book Talk by Karen Ishizuka

    • The Asian American Movement - Suggested Readings List

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    Student Organizing

    • What's in this module? (Required)

    • Video: Student Organizing II

    • From the archives: Asian American Political Alliance General Statement, 1968

    • "On Strike! San Francisco State College Strike, 1968-1969: The Role of Asian American Students," by Karen Umemoto

    • Dr. Ga Young Chung discusses Korean Undocumented Youth Activism (43:43).

    • "KNOw History/KNOw Self: Khmer Youth Organizing for Justice in Long Beach," by Monisha Das Gupta

    • Webinar: "Political Education and Radical Pedagogy" hosted by UCLA Asian American Studies Center

    • "Are They Political? Examining Asian American College Students' Civic Engagement," by Laura Wray-Lake, Julia Tang, Christine Victorino

    • "San Francisco's International Hotel Mobilizing the Filipino American Community in the Anti-Eviction Movement" by Estella Habal. Read Pages 14, 23-32, 55–57, 59–63.

    • "PACE, A Critical Link in Filipino American History" by Juanita Tamayo Lott

    • PACE [Philippine American Collegiate Endeavor] Statement

    • Student Organizing - Suggested Readings List

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    Cross Racial Solidarity

    • What's in this module? (Required)

    • Video: Student Organizing I - Cross-Racial Student Organizing in 1990s California

    • Video: Javaid Tariq - CROSS RACIAL SOLIDARITY

    • "Race, Struggle and Solidarity in the Time of A Global Pandemic" by People's Collective for Justice and Liberation

    • "This Tree Needs Water!: A Case Study on the Radical Potential of Afro-Asian Solidarity in the Era of Black Lives Matter" by Jeanelle K. Hope

    • "#Asians4BlackLives: Notes from the Ground," by May Fu, et al.

    • Website: #Asians4BlackLives

    • Cross Racial Solidarity - Suggested Readings List

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    • Lecture on "Internationalism"

    • "Interracialism, Internationalism, and Intersections of Gender and Race" by Daryl Joji Maeda

    • Video: Pam Tau Lee - INTERNATIONALISM II

    • Website: Grassroots Global Justice

    • Video: Niko Cababa (BAYAN) - INTERNATIONALISM

    • Video: BAYAN USA

    • Internationalism - Suggested Readings List