Do any of these statements apply to you?

If so, then you've come to the right place.

  • I am proud to be Filipino but I haven't had a chance to learn about my Philippine heritage

  • I want to know more about Filipino history in the United States

  • I want to connect with other Filipinos who share my passion for my identity, history and collective experience

  • I want to be learn about how I can get more involved in serving the community

  • I want to ensure that I can pass on knowledge about my roots and foster Filipino pride in my children

Learn directly from a recognized expert in Filipino Studies!

After playing a leading role in growing Filipino Studies in higher education as a scholar, educator, writer and founder of the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies, Dr. Rodriguez has decided to devote herself more fully to extending Filipino Studies to the broader community. A long-time community organizer, Dr. Rodriguez is passionate about ensuring that Filipino Studies doesn't stay in the university's "ivory tower."


Dr. Robyn Rodriguez

Course Curriculum

Content Available Now!

What follows is a preliminary outline of the topics we will be covering based on Dr. Rodriguez's expertise, important developments in the field of Filipino Studies as well as community input. If you don't see something you'd like to learn, reach out to us! Sign-up for the free preview "(Re)Claiming Our Space: Filipinos and the Fight for Housing Justice" to see what sorts of content you can expect from the course. 

In the meantime, you can check out some free resources that I have always made available to the community based on the university-level course I have been teaching for the last decade. I will bring some of these resources (and also expand upon them) into this course offered through the School for Liberating Education. 

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Know History, Know Self: Course Overview

    • How to use this course (Navigating Thinkific)

    • A Little Bit About Me

    • A Critical Approach

    • Reading: PACE Demands for Filipino Studies (1968)

    • Reading, Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

  • 2

    Our American Origin (Hi)Stories: Why we call America "Home"

  • 3

    The Struggle is Real: Living and Working in AmeriKKKa

    • Reading: "Chronology of Filipinos in America Pre-1898," by Eloisa Gomez Borah

    • A Sakada Story

    • Peacock: Exeter, the Anti-Filipino Riot

    • Contemporary Filipino Migration Experience - Readings

    • Reading: "Filipino Americans, Foreigner Discrimination, and the lines of Racial Sovereignty," by Angelo Ancheta

    • "'Don't Stay Out in the Sun': Understanding Filipinx and Colorism" with Dr. Joanne Rondilla

    • How is Filipino/Filipina/Filipinz Freedom tied to Black Liberation

    • Brown Skin, White Masks: Colorism and Internal Colonization

    • Brown is Beautiful: Decolonizing our Minds and Bodies

    • Tatlong Bagsak: Combating Anti-Blackness in Filipina/x/o Communities

    • Reflections, (Re)discovery and Recovery: A Pinay’s Journey in Academia with Dr. Dina Maramba

    • FilipinX: Transforming and Unsettling Identities

    • Filipinos on the Frontlines: COVID-19

  • 4

    Generational Conflict, Resolution, Healing & Transformation

    • The Second Generation - Readings

    • Decolonizing Children's Book Publishing with Justine Villanueva


    • Reading: "Cooperative Children's Book Center: Diversity Statistics"

    • “Is it mental illness, or is it your trauma from colonization?” Healing Generational Trauma and Making Space for Emotions

    • Parenting with Pride: Resources for Children

    • Resources for Mental Health Support for Filipino Families

    • Beyond Adobo and Lumpia: Filipino Food in the Diaspora

  • 5

    "Isang Bagsak (One Down)!": Surviving, Thriving & Organizing

    • Flip Hop: Filipinos in Hip Hop - Rappers, B-Boys, DJs, and more

    • The Importance of Larry Itliong

    • Filipino Americans on Film

    • Little Manila, Historic Filipinotown: Creating Islands of Belonging in a Sea of Hostility

    • "Unite to Fight (How To Run a Campaign)" with Raymond Castillo

    • Filipino American Activism & Resources for Getting Involved

    • Filipino American Prose & Poetry

  • 6

    Filipino Indigenousness

    • Igorotak: Why My Father's Ifugao Identity Became an Issue with J.A. Ruanto-Ramirez

    • Baybaylan: Gender and Sexuality before Colonization

    • Decolonizing as a Spiritual Path

    • Reading: "Bridging Indigenous and Immigrant Struggles: A Case Study of American Samoa," by JoAnna Poblete-Cross

    • Indigenous Writing Systems: Baybayin

    • "What Being Indigenous Has Taught Me" with Kirin Macapugay

  • 7

    Homeland Struggles

    • The Current Struggle of Indigenous People's

    • The Politics of Beauty: From Pageantry to Activism

    • How Filipinos in America Engage in Homeland Politics - Overview

    • Ways to Get Connected